Установка iPod в 2003-2006 Honda Accord

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Re: Установка iPod в 2003-2006 Honda Accord

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Установка iPod в 2003-2006 Honda Accord

2003-2006 Honda Accord iPod Installation Tutorial

The installation procedure listed here was performed on a 2005 Honda Accord EX V6 without a navigation system. The vehicle includes factory XM Satellite Radio, 6-disc in-dash CD changer, and dual climate controls. Even though the vehicle used was a 2005 model year this procedure should also work on 2003, 2004, and 2006 model years as well (Accord 7th generation models). However, I offer no guarantee that the installation will work on your specific vehicle. I'm only assuming that it will work due to similarities in vehicle manufacturing among these model years. Certain steps are specific to an Accord EX, for instance you may not have to remove the seat heater switch connections on your vehicle. I'm unsure how this installation will work on navigation equipped vehicles or if it will even work at all. Use your own discretion and judgment. I am not responsible for damage that may occur to yourself or your vehicle. If you don't feel comfortable or confident with disassembling the center console and disconnecting vehicle wiring then I suggest you not perform this procedure. Instead you should visit a local car audio installation professional. I too was hesitant with performing this procedure for the first time, but as long as you take your time and have patience you'll do just fine. I tried my best to make this procedure as detailed and informative as possible. This installation procedure should be used as a guide only.

This installation may not be suitable for all individuals. I'm merely giving my personal account on how I performed the installation for my own needs. For instance, I chose to connect an iPod to my factory radio by using the Blitzsafe HON/AUX DMX V.2X. However, you might want to connect another type of MP3 player or audio device. You also might choose to route the cable a different way. For this application I chose to route the audio cable through the center console storage bin by drilling a hole in the back of the bin. Make your own changes where necessary when performing the installation procedure detailed below.

Note: By using this procedure control of the iPod will still rest with the iPod itself. You will not be able to control the iPod through the factory radio or steering wheel controls.


- Blitzsafe HON/AUX DMX V.2X (found here or here - opens in new window/tab)

- RCA to 1/8" Phono adapter cable (can be found at most electronic retailers or here - opens in new window/tab)

- Flat tip screwdriver

- Cross tip screwdriver ("Phillips Head")

- Power drill (optional, depending on how you want to route the audio cable)

- 11/16" spade drill bit (optional, depending on if you'll be using the drill or not)

- 1/2" rubber grommet (optional, depending on if a hole will be drilled or not) Can be found in the electrical department at Home Depot

- Electrical tape

- Cable ties ("Zip ties")
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Re: Установка iPod в 2003-2006 Honda Accord

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